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expandI applied for CS4HS funding in a previous year. Can I apply again?

Absolutely! We highly encourage former applicants and CS4HS awardees to apply again. If you were previously funded for a CS4HS award, make sure to specify if you’re adding a new dimension to a former projects or scaling your efforts further.

expandWhat constitutes a successful CS4HS application?

Funding is awarded to applicants who demonstrate a sound pedagogical approach to CS and the establishment of or support for an ongoing community of practice around CS professional development.

expandWhat level of detail is needed for the proposed CS4HS budget?

We recommend that you include as much detail as possible when proposing a budget for the CS4HS funds. Applications receive more positive reviewer ratings if they include a detailed budget with a clear rationale for all expenditures.

expandWhat is the ideal number of participants receiving PD opportunities through a CS4HS award?

We encourage PD practitioners to use the funding to maximize the number of participants they can invite without sacrificing the quality of the PD.

expandHow are applications reviewed?

A panel of reviewers evaluate each application submitted, and a group consensus determines funding recipients. Funding decisions for CS4HS awards are objective and based on several regional funding criteria.

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“With generous support from Google through the CS4HS program, we have been able to upskill in excess of 300 primary school teachers and pre-service teachers and 50 secondary teachers from across the south-east Queensland region. The change in the confidence and preparedness to rollout the new Digital Technologies curriculum has been dramatic.”

– Graeme Breen, Coding and Innovation Hub (CS4HS Australia workshop awardee)

“After the [CS4HS workshop] I'm becoming a 'Computer Science teacher' and I will grow every year. So, more of this CS4HS please.”

– Teacher, University of Canterbury (CS4HS Australia workshop attendee)

“Google's involvement in CS4HS in NZ has been a massive benefit to the country, and every teacher I have spoken too has been extremely grateful for the professional development made possible by Google's funding, due to the lack of other resources in the country.”

– Stuart Marshall, Victoria University of Wellington (CS4HS New Zealand workshop awardee)

“The [CS4HS workshop] provides a platform for the teachers to share and learn from each other. Ultimately, motivate interest in Computer Science in K-12 Environment, to make the students comprehend the principles of computers and sophisticated thinking of solve problems, fostering students computational thinking, to develop their problem-solving methods and self-access to knowledge.”

– Shaojun Qu, Hunan Normal University (CS4HS China workshop awardee)

“The [CS4HS workshop] won huge popularity with the participants as it could better meet the needs of their day-to-day teaching practice in terms of content and form. The goal is to achieve the idea of "Computer Science For All", which requires the teachers to spread the knowledge and skills they acquired in the program to their students as a whole.”

– Lili Wang, World Foreign Language Middle School (CS4HS China workshop awardee)

“This [CS4HS workshop] has greatly promoted the popularization of computer education, has pushed the development of the Educational Technology Education forward, and has helped to foster a great amount of IT talents in China.”

– Yue Li, South China University of Technology (CS4HS China workshop awardee)

“Our initial CS4HS grants were instrumental in gathering critical mass to form an operational CSTA chapter in Wisconsin. Furthermore, it laid the groundwork for a network of CS teachers around the state to begin sharing resources, advocating for state-level change in the capitol, and advising us at the university level.”

– Dennis Brylow, Marquette University (CS4HS US workshop awardee)

“Over the last four years, we have seen tremendous progress in computer science education and advocacy in New Jersey. I don't think we would have come nearly as far if it weren't for Google's support of CS4HS and the relationships and discussions initiated at the workshops. Thank you.”

– Daryl Detrick, Warren Hills Regional High School (CS4HS US workshop attendee)

“The response to CS professional development opportunities from Texas teachers has been outstanding. If you provide teachers with useful, high quality training and support teachers financially to attend, they will gladly step up to the plate to learn these new skills. Thanks to Google for helping The University of Texas at Austin to create this support network and build capacity to provide CS education to every Texas student.”

– Carol L. Fletcher, University of Texas at Austin (CS4HS US workshop awardee)