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Looking for a classroom activity?

Computer Science Custom Search is a great place to identify activities for your classroom. You can search on any combination of terms, such as by grade level (e.g. "middle school", "high school"), the type of material (e.g. "lesson plan", "tutorials"), or the computer science topic (e.g. "variables", "loops").

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Explore a new language

Want to introduce students to block-based programming? Type "Scratch tutorial" to find activities for introducing this popular language. Want to connect programming to mathematics? Type "Bootstrap" to learn how students combine algebra with computer programming to make video games. Not sure where to start? Type "list of programming languages" to begin your exploration of programming languages for your students.

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Create mobile apps

Students are exploring new ways of using mobile devices. Search for "App Inventor tutorials" to get them started with developing Android apps. Want lesson plans and curricula to use for your own class? Type "mobile app development" into Computer Science Custom Search to find materials so that you can start planning an entire class on programming apps.

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Find an after-school club

Looking for an after-school computer programming club? Search "after-school club" to see a list of available in-person and online programs, such as Google's CS First.

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Support their curiosity

Coding can be rewarding but challenging. Make it accessible by identifying coding games and activities for your kids to play. Search "coding games" to get a list of online games.

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Discover the world of coding

Coding (also called 'computer programming') is an important element of computer science and is rapidly becoming an essential skill. Explore the basics of this topic by searching "basic computer programming" and browse through various sites, such as Made With Code and, to learn more.

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